My first birth & hypnobirthing story

It was Wednesday 30th December 2015. I had had a great nights sleep and a slight lie in waking up around 8:30 that day. I had my waxing appointment due at 11 (after all, once baby was here, who knew when I would be free or feel up to going again).

I made myself some breakfast and started to feel some cramps. I had been to the toilet and had passed what I thought may have been my mucus plug, but I wasn’t sure.

I had a warm bath and felt relaxed. I was feeling comfortable enough to go to my waxing appointment.

Once at my appointment the “cramping” was starting to feel a little stronger. I had to sit up once during the appointment as lying back was not comfortable, which was interesting as I remembered from my hypnobirthing course that your body in labour would tell you what position you needed to be in. My therapist said to me, “I think this baby will be here very soon.”

Whilst waiting for my husband to drive round and collect me, I was chatting to my sister in laws own sister in law and could feel my surges coming on. This must have been around midday. I was willing her to pass on so that I could just focus as I had already started to switch off from what she was saying.

Once home, I put my hypnobirthing music on and sat on my birthing ball, trying to get into my relaxation mode. I had rang my mother to warn her I thought I was in labour, as they were going to be looking after our dog. My friend was on her way round to do some reflexology on me, however when she arrived we were monitoring my surges and they were less than 5 minute apart. I rang the labour ward, who said to come in, as I hadn’t felt baby move much that morning.

On arrival to the hospital, this was around 2:30pm, it was evident that indeed baby was very relaxed as although heartbeat and everything was ok, baby was not moving as much as they would like, so I was monitored for a while. I used this time to breath and get some rest. My surges were close together, however I was only 3cm at this point.

Fast forward some very relaxing hours later, including a bath in between. It was about 6:30pm and I was sitting on the exercise ball, when I felt like I was going to fall asleep. So I got onto the bed on my left side and immediately my waters broke, I then proceeded to vomit (something my mother warned me had happened to her, so I had expected I may do similar). I was now 5cm and able to get into the birthing pool.

I got into the pool at 6:50 and laboured well, my husband was constantly at my side encouraging me to drink ribena (his choice of drink for me) and keep telling me to concentrate on my breathing. I have to admit, when the transition stage arrived and baby’s head was ready to crown I had my moment, I wanted gas and air and felt nervous, but due to having vomited they thought best not to give it to me. They encouraged me to just start breathing baby down as it wouldn’t be long before he/she was here! I birthed our beautiful daughter, Arianna Grace into the world at 19:57, so had only been in the pool just over an hour. I did my best to breathe baby out, however I think there was some pushing as I tore more around my urethral area than my perineum.

It was such a wonderful experience, I even said 2hours later that I would happily do it all over again.

This is why I wanted to teach hypnobirthing, I want woman to be empowered by birth and not frightened. Although there are things I want to improve on for this next birth of mine… I know the main thing will be is PRACTICE!

Birth may not always turn out this way, but I think it is important to share our stories with each other, as each birth story usually (expect for unfortunate circumstances) brings new life into the world, what could be more magical than that!

I look forward to hearing from mothers to be who are interested in hypnobirthing. Even if you don’t feel a course is right for you, I would be happy to have a chat!

Pip x