Birth Stories

Positive Home Birth of Maeve Isobel. Shared with kind permission.

I went in for a sweep Saturday morning (10thAugust) early. Then around 11am I started to feel a bit funny. Not real contractions, but I felt something was happening. Wasn’t sure if it was just reaction to the sweep or labour had actually started.
Lara went for play date at a friends at 12:45. Richard made me call midwife at 13:00. They came around 14:00. Still very mild contractions, but regular and closer and closer together. Richard and midwife were a lot more convinced it had started than me. I wasn’t so sure


… I even felt really nervous when they started to unload all the equipment, as I still thought it were just cramps from the sweep. Second midwife came at 15:00. And then it all of a sudden really started. Surges came hard and fast! They quickly had to fill pool with buckets and saucepans… I went in the water at 3:45. Straight away had the urge to push and Maeve was born 16:12. She was born with amniotic sac intact. I scooped her straight out of the water and we had absolutely lovely skin to skin and it was all very relaxed and chilled. Everything was done in my time and midwifes were absolutely amazing. It was just perfect.
Hypnobirthing helped me knowing exactly what was going on. And I trusted my instincts and body to do the job. The last 25 minutes were very intense, but I was able to breath when I had to and control her coming out too fast by breathing through the surges. Couldn’t have wished for a better birth and still absolutely in awe of what my body has achieved.

I breastfed Maeve for first week but unfortunately she wasn’t putting on any weight and lost quite a bit on day 3. We had to top up with formula which has made her unable to latch on my breast since. A real shame, but trying not to be too upset about it. Other than that we’re settling in as a family of 4 and are really enjoying having this tiny little beautiful baby in our lives.

Thank you so much for your help, support and knowledge and having enabled us to have the absolute perfect labour. Xxx