Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When should I do the hypnobirthing course?

It is advised that you do the course in the second trimester, so you can enjoy the benefits whilst pregnant and during the birth of your baby. It isn’t about learning the facts, but about absorbing the information so it becomes second nature.

2. Does the birth partner need to come to classes?

They don’t, but I think you will find it useful. A hypnobirthing birth partner is knowledgeable and able to support mother as she gives birth.  They are a huge asset in the birthing room, and many mothers say, ‘I couldn’t have done it without them.’  They have practised before the birth which brings them closer together, and they knows they have played an important part in how baby enters the world.  This deepens their relationship as a couple and the relationship with baby.

3. Will it work if i come on my own?

Most definitely. Many women attend classes on their own, should their partners be otherwise occupied with work commitments, or single mothers. Just remember that KG Hypnobirthing works and everyone is welcome.

4. What if I cant have a ‘natural’ birth?

A KG Hypnobirthing course give you the knowledge and tools required to allow you to make choices for your birth. Hypnobirthing will help you to remain calm and confident whatever path you may face in your labour; making your birth a positive experience for you and your baby.

5. After the course – what then?

Practice, practice, practice! I will always be contactable via email or telephone should you need to contact me and feel you need some help in any way.